Day 1 bootcamp fall-2016 Merryl’s PPT Day 1

Day 2 bootcamp SDUSD PD Merryl’s PPT Day 2 Arts Integration digging deeper

boot-camp day 1 summer 2015 Merryl’s PPT Day 1 Arts as Text/Arts Integration/Arts Education

Mindset and Grit Presentation for web site – this is Linda Gohlke’s PPT from Day 2 (2015)

boot-camp day 3 top ten and teacher researcher Merryl’s PPT day 3 (2015)

Boot-Camp Professional Development The Big Picture 4-19 This is Caroline’s presentation 15)

NCAS PPT MN This is Mark’s PPT on the National Core Art Standards (2015)

arts integration bootcamp SDUSD PD – This is the arts integration PPT for day 1: Boot-camp April 2015 (Merryl’s intro to Arts Integration)

arts integration san diego kickoff principals – this PPT was from the Principals’ very first introduction day to the project.


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